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The Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) is all set to embark on a remarkable journey towards urban development with its mega housing scheme in Greater Bareilly Project . This ambitious project, the second significant residential scheme initiated by the authority, follows in the footsteps of the successful Ramganga Nagar Housing Scheme. As the festive season of Diwali approaches, the BDA has exciting news for aspiring homeowners and investors. They are gearing up to kickstart the registration process for more than 440 plots in Greater Bareilly from November 6, and prospective buyers will have the opportunity to apply until December 5.

The Vice Chairman of BDA, Joginder Singh, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming housing scheme and provided some insights into the plan. He revealed that after the successful launch of Sector 2A in the Greater Bareilly Housing Scheme, preparations are already underway to offer plots in Sector 1B. The registration process is scheduled to begin on November 6 and will extend until December 5. Subsequently, the allocation of plots will be conducted through a lottery system, providing an equal and fair opportunity to all interested parties.

Grater bareilly project

This Plotted scheme has been meticulously designed to cater to the housing needs of the low and middle-income groups, aligning with the government’s vision of ‘Housing for All.’ The scheme offers various plot sizes to accommodate a diverse range of requirements:

  1. 112.5 Square Meters: This category boasts a total of 280 plots, ideal for those looking for a more spacious living area.
  2. 72 Square Meters: For those seeking a more compact option, there are 85 plots available in this category, offering an affordable yet comfortable living space.
  3. 162 Square Meters: With 35 plots in this category, it caters to those who desire a more expansive area for their dream home.
  4. 120 Square Meters: For those who seek a balanced option between space and affordability, 40 plots in this category offer an excellent choice.

The Greater Bareilly Project Plotting scheme promises not only a place to call home but also the potential for long-term investment. With its convenient location and affordable pricing, it offers a unique opportunity for individuals and families looking to make a wise investment decision.

The BDA, under the leadership of Joginder Singh, has demonstrated a commitment to urban development and the welfare of its residents. As the registration window opens, the BDA encourages all interested parties to take advantage of this opportunity and participate in this remarkable housing scheme. This endeavor promises to bring about positive changes in the real estate landscape of Greater Bareilly and enhance the living standards of the region. So, mark your calendars for November 6 and secure your chance to be a part of this exciting development. The future of Greater Bareilly awaits, and the BDA is ready to turn your housing dreams into reality.

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Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna is Spread Over 650 Acres of Land . Located on Dohra Road , just 1 km from Pilibhit road . Ramganga Pariyojna is Promoted by BDA Bareilly . Divided into 12 Sectors . Ramganga Yojna Offers BDA Approved Residential Plots , Villas and Apartments . Commercial Property also for Sale in Ramganga Pariyojna . Greater Bareilly Awasiya Yojna of plots Started .1. Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1 of Ramganga Pariyojna Bareilly 2. Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1 3. Ganga Enclave Bareilly 4. Narmada Enclave Bareilly 5. Kaveri Enclave Bareilly 6. Sector 3 Ramganga Pariyojna ( Non Gated ) 7. Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 8. Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 9. Sector 5 of Ramganga nagar bareilly 10. Sector 6 of Ramganga bareilly 11. Sector 7 of Bareilly Ramganga 12. Sector 8 , Shipra Enclave 13. Sector 9 Shivam Enclave 14 Sector 9 part 2 Satyam Enclave 15. Sector 10 Saryu Enclave Bareilly 16. Sector 11 , Panchwati Enclave bareilly 17. Sector 12 , Indraprastha Enclave bareilly8.

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