Nath Nagri Corridor Bareilly

On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji , the DPR of the Nath Nagri Corridor Bareilly has been prepared. Nath temples will be beautified and a grand corridor will be constructed with 232.21 crores. Bareilly Commissioner Saumya Agarwal and Vice Chairman of Bareilly Development Authority Joginder Singh have sent this proposal to Mukesh Meshram, Principal Secretary and Director General of Tourism Department of the government.

Vedic Library:
Alakhnath, Trivati Nath and Bankhandi Nath temples will have Vedic libraries in the Nathanagri Corridor. Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and mythological texts will be kept in it. Apart from this, there will also be a digital copy of them. You can watch it as well as read it. Its preparation has been started. Widening of roads leading to Nath temples, beautification and renovation and new development of Nath temples, grand attractive layout and design has been prepared by architect Sumit Agarwal. Recently, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had given green signal to this proposal and instructed to make DPR. In this sequence, the Bareilly Development Authority has sent its DPR to the government incorporating the valuable suggestions given by the public representative in its presentation.

Nath Nagri Corridor Bareilly

Two and a half hundred people will be able to do satsang, bhandara, Rudrabhishek and rituals

A multipurpose hall is being constructed in Saton Nath temple of Nath city. Arrangements have been made for Bhandara and Rudrabhishek and rituals. Apart from this, 250 people will be able to do satsang, Shiv Mahapuran Katha etc. together on the first floor. Tulsi Sthal will also be developed along with Alakhnath temple.
Vatika will be established in the name of Parvati, Gauri, selfie point will be made
Divisional Commissioner Saumya Aggarwal said that gardens will be set up in all the temples in the name of Parvati and Gauri. There will be tableaux of Nath temples in these. Apart from this, aromatic plants will be planted there. Due to this, the devotees coming to the temple can sit there. Seven Nath temples are being connected within a radius of 32. 5 kms. In this, selfie points are being made at about 12 places. Kedarnath Kashi Vishwanath and 12 Jyotirlingas will be attractively visible at the 3D Selfie Point.

Roads leading to temples are getting six lane and four lane, work started
Divisional Commissioner Soumya Aggarwal said that the work of the first phase of the Nath Nagri Corridor is being done by the Bareilly Development Authority, in which the work of widening the main roads serving the Nath Corridor is in the final stage. A six-lane road is being constructed from Satellite to Invertis Tiraha, Delapir Adinath Tiraha to Barrier to Police Chowki. Construction of four-lane road from Rampur Mini Bypass to Jhumka Tiraha, Haroongala to Bisalpur road and Chopla Chauraha to Jue ki Pulia is being done at a fast pace. Apart from this, a grand road is proposed to be constructed from Bada Bypass to Bankhandi Nath via Abdullahpur Mafi Executive Club. Due to which the devotees coming from Pilibhit and Bada Bypass will be able to come directly from the bypass to visit Bankhandi Nath Temple.

Construction of Gambhir Nath Gate on Bareilly Delhi Highway, first phase of Nath Corridor completed

A grand entrance is being constructed by the authority on the main road of Bareilly. Vice President Joginder Singh told that Gambhir Nath Gate is being constructed near Jhumka Tirahe on Bareilly Delhi Highway. Om’s Pranav will also be established there. Apart from this, the construction of Alakhnath Gate on Shahjahanpur Road, Trishul at Nariawal, Damru at Delapir Adinath Tirahe, Kedarnath on Bisalpur Road and Madhinath Tapeshwar Nath Gate on Badaun Road is being done at a fast pace. Soon grand attractive gates will be ready there.

66.6 crore will be spent on the beautification of the seven temples of Nath Nagri

A preliminary project of Rs 75.20 crore has been sent to the government for widening, beautification, lighting etc. of the Nath corridor, in which an underpass on the service road to Tapeshwar Nath temple has also been proposed.

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