Greater Bareilly

BDA has started work on the plan to set up Greater Bareilly. The estimated area of ​​the land to be taken from the people of five villages has been estimated, according to which the maximum land of 7.70 lakh square meters is ready to be taken from Mohanpur village. Preparations are being made to get the farmers to agree to take the land. Survey of properties like land, housing, shop is also being done at the proposed site.

After the success of Ramganga Nagar Aawas Yojana ( Plotting / housing scheme ) , BDA has prepared a proposal to make Greater Bareilly as a new colony, which is planned to be settled in an area of ​​about two hundred hectares. Farmers of five villages are being contacted to arrange land for this colony. The estimated land area is different in all the villages. A total of 22.5 lakh square meters, including 7.70 lakh square meters from Ramnagar alias Mohanpur, 6.20 lakh square meters from Ahirola, 6.70 lakh from Walipur Ahmedpur, 1.60 lakh from Navadiya Jhada and 24 thousand square meters from Kacholi, are to be taken. For this, talks are going on with the farmers. It is informed that the BDA team is conducting survey in the villages. In this, private and government buildings are also being counted.

Greater Bareilly

Greater Bareilly will have Plotted Development

It is being told that the BDA will Offer plots in Greater Bareilly . The elevation of all the house will be same , Provided by bareilly development authority . There will be plots ranging from 70 sq yards to 200 sq yards. Separate space for commercial activities . Its price will also be decided by BDA accordingly. Greater Bareilly Plots will be costlier than Ramganga Nagar housing scheme. The reason is being told that the BDA will have to pay more for the land. Accordingly, the rates of the plots will be decided. However, there will also be a quota of ordinary houses, whose rates will be lower. BDA will make separate rules for this.

Offer of possession of plots is almost ready in Ramganga Pariyojna.

BDA Greater Bareilly Plots
BDA Greater Bareilly Plots

The Ramganga Nagar housing scheme was launched by BDA in 2004. Initially the project didn’t pick the pace . People did not want to buy plots here. In the last few years, when BDA officials started efforts, the project gained some momentum. The project started gaining momentum after 2020. Now 12 out of 13 sectors have been settled. Preparations are underway to provide plots for one sector. This plan is now in its final stages.

Seven Villages Offering Land for Greater Bareilly

Mohanpur alias Ramnagar, Ahraula, Kanthari, Itauva Beniram, Kacholi, Balipur, Navdia Jhada.

मोहनपुर उर्फ रामनगर, अहरौला, कंथरी, इटौवा बेनीराम, कचौली, बलीपुर, नवदिया झादा।

Development of colony will be done with 700 crores

A total of 1.5 thousand crores is being spent for Greater Bareilly. In this, one thousand crore rupees will be spent for land acquisition and 700 crore for the development of the colony. It will also have a lake, gym, stadium, cycle track, modern toilets, 200 seater library with small canteen, school, four hectare park, yoga centre, high-end hospital with electric charging point.

A glimpse of Rohilkhand will be seen in the museum

A museum will also be built in Greater Bareilly Colony. In this, a glimpse of historical places and events of Bareilly, Moradabad, Meerut and other districts of Rohilkhand will be shown. On coming here, people will feel the new Bareilly.

Four times the circle rate

Farmers whose land is being acquired for the Greater Bareilly Colony being built near Ramganga Awas Yojana, are being given four times the circle rate. According to BDA officials, all the land acquisition related action will be completed soon. 15 days time has been given for objection.

Various Sectors of Ramganga Nagar Pariyojna as follows:-

  • Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1
  • Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1
  • Ganga Enclave in Sector 2
  • Narmada Enclave in Sector 2
  • Kaveri Enclave in Sector 2
  • Sector 3 without name
  • Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4
  • Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4
  • Sector 5 Plots
  • Sector 6 plots
  • Sector 7 Plots
  • Shipra Enclave in Sector 8
  • Shivam Enclave in Sector 9 part 2
  • Satyam Enclave in Sector 9 part 1
  • Saryu Enclave in Sector 10
  • Panchwati Enclave in Sector 11
  • Indraprastha Enclvae in Sector 12
    Verification of land for Greater Bareilly is in the final stage. Soon this plan will be put on the ground.
    Yogendra Kumar, Secretary BDA

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Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna is Spread Over 650 Acres of Land . Located on Dohra Road , just 1 km from Pilibhit road . Ramganga Pariyojna is Promoted by BDA Bareilly . Divided into 12 Sectors . Ramganga Yojna Offers BDA Approved Residential Plots , Villas and Apartments . Commercial Property also for Sale in Ramganga Pariyojna . Greater Bareilly Awasiya Yojna of plots Started .1. Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1 of Ramganga Pariyojna Bareilly 2. Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1 3. Ganga Enclave Bareilly 4. Narmada Enclave Bareilly 5. Kaveri Enclave Bareilly 6. Sector 3 Ramganga Pariyojna ( Non Gated ) 7. Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 8. Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 9. Sector 5 of Ramganga nagar bareilly 10. Sector 6 of Ramganga bareilly 11. Sector 7 of Bareilly Ramganga 12. Sector 8 , Shipra Enclave 13. Sector 9 Shivam Enclave 14 Sector 9 part 2 Satyam Enclave 15. Sector 10 Saryu Enclave Bareilly 16. Sector 11 , Panchwati Enclave bareilly 17. Sector 12 , Indraprastha Enclave bareilly8.