Transport Nagar Bareilly

Bareilly Development Authority is now going to improve its commercial property. BDA is going to build the road with new technology in the Transporter Nagar Bareilly project, which was stalled due to chaos. This new technology is PCQ (Pavement Quality Concrete). With this technology the road of the highway is made. 16 crores is to be spent on this construction.

The Transporter Nagar Yojana was prepared 20 years ago by the BDA on 24.89 hectares of land to keep out the transporters and big vehicles of the city. BDA has created 1074 transporters plots, 12 shops and 15 commercial plots in TP Nagar. There was a plan to shift government and private offices including fire station, business service centre, dispensary, police station, community hall and RTO office in TPnagar.

To take this plan on the ground, now BDA has drawn the blueprint for the construction of two roads at a cost of about 16 crores in the first phase with PQC technology. The roads made with this technology can easily last for 20 to 25 years.

What is PQC Technology of Road Construction

Most of the PQC technology is used in the construction of National, State Highways. Unlike normal concrete, special stones of 32 mm size are used in this. This type of concrete requires a slightly higher cement content than normal concrete. Most of it is designed for concrete’s M45 and M50.

Transport Nagar Bareilly will be developed along with Ramganga scheme: Vice Chairman BDA

Along with the Ramganga scheme, now the authority is planning to develop TP Nagar. Two roads are being built with PCQ technology in Transport Nagar.
Joginder Singh, Vice President BDA