Mumbai to bareilly

Ramganga Nagar Bareilly to Mumbai in 150 minutes

After a long wait, private sector Indigo airline has released the flight schedule from Bareilly airport to Mumbai and Bangalore airport. The 180-seat Airbus will get a non-stop flight from Bareilly Airport to Mumbai on August 12 at 12.30 pm. At the same time, Indigo airline’s Airbus for Bangalore will take off from Bareilly airport on 14th August at 12.30 pm. Booking has also started on IndiGo’s website for both the flights. Due to the dynamic fare system, booking of seats is being done up to several times the base fare. One can reach bareilly Airport in 20 minutes from Ramganga Nagar Colony Bareilly and from there 130 minutes flight to mumbai.

At present, the government sector Alliance Air is flying ATR-72 to Delhi from Bareilly Airport. First IndiGo was scheduled to fly to Mumbai from April 29, while to Bengaluru from May 1. But the flight could not start due to non-receipt of NOC from the Ministry of Defense and Trishul airbase.

Actually, Indigo did not want to bring Airbus to the terminal of Bareilly airport. Permission was needed from the Ministry of Defense and Trishul Airbase Headquarters to set up the Airbus on the apron of Trishul Airbase. Due to this screw, the flight to Mumbai and Bangalore was getting delayed.

With getting the NOC, the schedule has been released by Indigo. Airbus is about to get a flight. The flight will be nonstop. Finally the wait is over.

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