The Breezy Village Apartments

After the huge success of Plotting Schemes in Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna , BDA Bareilly launched The Breezy Village Apartments Society in Sector 12 , Close to Bisalpur Road and right on 45 meter wide road . This project will have 2BHK and 3BHK type of Flats . Total 5 Towers in society with all facilities and amenities .

  • Bareilly Development Authority ( BDA ) Local Develpment Authority’s ambitious Project is Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana . It Started in 2004 . Total 12 Sectors will be devloped by BDA .Allotments were completed in Ganga , Narmada , Kaveri , Alakhnanda , Brahmputra , Sabarmati , Saraswati , Shivam and Satyam Enclave . Plot Sizes were from 72.50 Sq meter to 1000 Sq meter . Currently , Registration Open for The Breezy Village Apartments located in Sector 12 of Ramganga Awasiya Yojana , right on 45 meter wide road .
Price of Breezy Village Apartments Ramganga nagar bareilly
Price of Breezy Village Apartments Ramganga nagar bareilly
  • List of Projects Sector wise in Ramganga Nagar Bareilly / Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana .
  • Sabarmati Enclave – Sector 1
  • Brahmputra Enclave – Sector 1
  • Ganga Enclave – Sector 2
  • Narmada Enclave – Sector 2
  • Kaveri Enclave – Sector 2
  • Alakhnanda Enclave – Sector 4
  • Saraswati Enclave – Sector 4
  • Shivam Enclave – Sector 9
  • Satyam Enclave – Sector 9
  • The Breezy Village Apartments – Sector 12
  • Upcoming Saryu Enclave – Sector 10
  • Upcoming Shipra Enclave – Sector 8

The Breezy Village Apartments Sector 12 Ramganga Nagar Bareilly

BDA (Bareilly Development Authority) has come up with another scheme to provide apartments with metro city facilities to the public. The authority will prepare The Brizy Village Apartments in Sector 12 of Ramganga Nagar Awas Yojana. In this, more than 300 two and three BHK flats will be built. The scheme has started from Thursday.

 Prospectus can also be obtained by downloading from the website of Bareilly Development Authority official website, On applying by downloading from the website, the cost of the prospectus along with the application form is Rs. 590 /- (Rs. Five hundred ninety only (Including GST) Demand Draft / Pay Order / Bankers Check payable in favour of Secretary, Bareilly Development Authority, Bareilly should be enclosed. Application form will not be valid if the above Demand Draft / Pay Order / Bankers Check is not attached . 2BHK Price Starts from 41.99 Lakh .

2BHK Flat in Breezy Village Apartments BAreilly
2BHK Flat in Breezy Village Apartments BAreilly

Map of colonies is approved

Sector Map of Ramganga Priyojna Bareilly
Sector Map of Ramganga Priyojna Bareilly

Colonies like Ganga, Kaveri, Narmada, Brahmaputra, Sabarmati, Shivam, Satyam etc. are being developed according to the map under Ramganga Nagar housing scheme. No construction work is being done under the plan without the map being passed. Systematic development works are being done in the closed colonies.

Taking a plot in रामगंगा नगर आवासीय योजना बरेली becomes a status symbol

There is a continuous increase in the craze among the public for taking a plot under the Ramganga Nagar housing scheme. The result of this is that earlier the schemes were kept open for two months, yet relatively applications could not come from the public. The result of this increasing craze is that within a month of opening of allocation in the scheme, more applications come than expected. Taking a plot under Ramganga Nagar Yojana has now become a status symbol.

Facilities – Ramganga Nagar

These facilities will be available in gated colonies: There is a park of about 38 thousand square meters in front of Ganga Colony. There are several parks inside the other two townships. Along with this, the township will have 24-hour surveillance facility through CCTV cameras. Guards will also be deployed for security. There wide roads and other lines including water, electricity, sewer are being made underground.

Science and Technology Park

Children will be able to enjoy shopping with the elders at the same place, in addition to taking knowledge of science while playing and swinging. This facility will soon be available in the Ramganga Nagar Residential Scheme of Bareilly Development Authority. Talking of the authority’s mega project Science Park bareilly. A shopping mall will also be constructed next to the proposed science park in an area of ​​18.30 thousand square meters between Sector 11 and 8 . According to the new plan, the mall will be built in an area of ​​about 12.30 thousand square meters

Mall will be available from Science Park itself

People do not even have to go round from Science Park to the mall. Officials plan that a path will be given between Science Park and the mall. So that you can enter the shopping mall directly from the back side and do the shopping.

There will also be a dinosaur park in the science park. Large models of various species of dinosaurs will be planted here. Along with this, there will also be a Stuffed Food and Kids Zone. There will be other resources to entertain the children and food stalls will be built here.

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Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna is Spread Over 650 Acres of Land . Located on Dohra Road , just 1 km from Pilibhit road . Ramganga Pariyojna is Promoted by BDA Bareilly . Divided into 12 Sectors . Ramganga Yojna Offers BDA Approved Residential Plots , Villas and Apartments . Commercial Property also for Sale in Ramganga Pariyojna . Greater Bareilly Awasiya Yojna of plots Started .1. Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1 of Ramganga Pariyojna Bareilly 2. Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1 3. Ganga Enclave Bareilly 4. Narmada Enclave Bareilly 5. Kaveri Enclave Bareilly 6. Sector 3 Ramganga Pariyojna ( Non Gated ) 7. Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 8. Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 9. Sector 5 of Ramganga nagar bareilly 10. Sector 6 of Ramganga bareilly 11. Sector 7 of Bareilly Ramganga 12. Sector 8 , Shipra Enclave 13. Sector 9 Shivam Enclave 14 Sector 9 part 2 Satyam Enclave 15. Sector 10 Saryu Enclave Bareilly 16. Sector 11 , Panchwati Enclave bareilly 17. Sector 12 , Indraprastha Enclave bareilly8.