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Bareilly Metro – It will be the responsibility of the public representatives to decide what will be the route of Light Metro in the city and which areas it will cover. However, Bareilly Development Authority will also survey among entrepreneurs-businessmen and common people whether a metro city is needed or not and through which routes it should pass. According to the instructions of the government, the BDA will hold its first meeting within a week to proceed with this proposal.

In order to facilitate better urban transport , the state government has given green signal to start light metro rail in six cities of the state including Bareilly, Varanasi, Meerut, Gorakhpur, Jhansi and Prayagraj. BDA will lead the process of starting the preparation in Bareilly. It will be the responsibility of the MP, MLA and Mayor to decide what will be the route of the metro and through which areas it will pass. BDA will meet with the public representatives within a week and send a report based on their suggestions to the government. After that the DPR of this project will be prepared.

BDA will also survey these points whether metro city is needed or not and which routes should pass through. For this, an agency will be selected which will take opinion from entrepreneurs, businessmen and common people. After surveying the routes, these suggestions will also be sent to the government.
Metro will pass over the roads
First of all, the feasibility of the metro project will be seen in the city. It is believed that there is a need for metro here but it will be a bit difficult to decide where to pass it. BDA officials say that wherever the roads have emerged, the metro will be passed through the same routes. However, work will be done as per the suggestions.

Rights agency can launch metro here
Wherever the Metro has been operated across the country, the rights agency has got the responsibility of most of the places. This is a government agency. According to the BDA, the DPR will be prepared after taking the suggestions to the conclusion. For this the concerned agency will also be called. The complete blueprint will be prepared and sent to the government. BDA can also take the help of rights agency.
these are the possibilities
According to sources, the three-coach metro will have a seating capacity of 330 people. The length of a coach will be around 35 metres. Like the metro, there will be seats to sit in a light metro train. It is said that the Light Metro will run for about seven to eight km in the first phase. After that its scope will be expanded.
Light metro can be operated from here

In the first phase, the operation of Light Metro from Jhumka Tirahe to the railway station via the Qila
Bareilly Airport Road will also be covered in the second phase.

The third phase will go from Dohna station to the railway station via Qutubkhana road.

Will work on these points also

How the city’s traffic system is operating and how it will happen next

In which area the traffic is maximum and what can be the other option of that traffic.
Metro will run on the bridge built over the roads or underground, it will also be seen.

Bareilly Metro Project News
Bareilly Metro Project News

Rajesh Agarwal Ji had included Light Metro in the resolution letter

This time before the assembly elections, the proposal of Light Metro was included in the party’s resolution letter by BJP’s National Treasurer and former Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal. It is being said that he has a big contribution in the approval of this project.

Dr. Tomar had also sent a proposal, did not get approval
Former SP Mayor Dr. IS Tomar had also sent a proposal to operate a metro train to the central government under the AMRUT scheme during his tenure. It went ahead through the state government but approval could not be obtained. Dr. IS Tomar told that the route of the train was fixed for about 18 km. The city needs a metro. This proposal should be put on the ground. Officials work on this.

According to the instructions of the government, a meeting will be held with the public representatives. Further work will be done according to his suggestions. The feasibility of light metro trains will also be seen. After that the DPR will be prepared and sent to the government. Yogendra Kumar, Secretary BDA

The people of Bareilly were waiting for the Light Metro which was completed. This project has been approved by the government. Now the proposal will be put on the ground, planning is being done accordingly. – Dr. Arun Kumar, Minister of State for Forests with independent charge

The approval of Light Metro in Bareilly is a commendable step of the State Government. Every effort will be made to implement this proposal on the ground. Light metro will be operated in the city. – Santosh Gangwar, MP Bareilly

On my behalf, many congratulations to the residents of Bareilly for this project. Those people gave me the opportunity to serve for so long, only then I was able to reach their point to the top. Rajesh Aggarwal, former Finance Minister

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