Bareilly Development Authority Plan

All Because of Ramganga Nagar Aawas Yojana  Bareilly

A huge Success of Ramganga Nagar Housing Scheme Bareilly , under the leadership of Mr. Joginder Singh ( Vice Chairman ) of Bareilly Development Authority . RGN has got support from home buyers in Ganga Enclave , Narmanda Enclave , Kaveri Enclave , Alakhnanda Enclave and Brahmputra Enclave. Having earned Crores of Rupees after selling plots in Ramganga Nagar Aawas Yojana . Bareilly Development Authority Plan is now moving towards development after taking action in the city. 133 crore is going to be spent to solve all the problems of the city. The amount with which BDA will get the work done for road construction, drain construction, lighting on roads etc. What work will be done with how much money? The budget has already been fixed for this. BDA VC says that this amount has also been divided into two parts. An amount of Rs 101 crore has been earmarked for urban infrastructure and Rs 32 crore for regional infrastructure.

Grand Entrance Gate in Bareilly

Bareilly Development Authority Plan will give a new identity to the city. Soon a grand entrance will be built on a major road in the city. Those coming to the city from other districts will have the impression of reaching Bareilly from this and the beauty of this place will attract them. BDA has released the entrance map. This will be the first grand gate of Nath city, through which those coming from outside will reach the city. The place is being marked for this. Its construction is being seen near the Invertis University in Shahjahanpur Road.

According to the map released, I love Bareilly will be written in the letter of English on the right side of the entrance. Apart from this, green belt will be prepared on both sides of the gate. This entrance, made of red stone, will be carved with white stone. BDA Vice President Joginder Singh said, beautification work will also be done around the entrance. Better lights will be installed there. There will be five temple-like domes above the entrance. Two big and three small domes will be used in this. At present, two places are being considered for making the entrance. It will be decided soon. At present, the estimate has not been made, but two to three crore rupees have been kept.

Bareilly Development Authority Plan -Pilibhit Bypass and Shahjahanpur Road will be 6 lane

BDA VC Joginder Singh informed that there will be a 06 lane road widening from 100 foot junction to Pilibhit road junction. Also it will be strengthened. A budget of Rs 33.31 crore has been fixed for this. Similarly, work of divider and road widening and strengthening is to be done on Shahjahanpur road from Nakatiya river to Invertis University big bypass. A budget of 31.91 crores has been fixed for this.Bareilly city development

Work going on Jule Lal Dwar Bareilly
Work going on Jule Lal Dwar Bareilly

Road will also be wide from Jhumka Tiraha to Mini Bypass

Road widening and construction of RCC divider is to be done on Rampur Road from Jhumka Tiraha to Mini Bypass Tiraha for 6 kms. For which Rs 15.36 crore has been fixed. Similarly, the construction work of four lane from Ramjanki Mandir to Swayamvar Baratghar and the road connecting Adarsh ​​Nagar Road Rajendra nagar to Ramjanaki  Mandir Road will be done with a cost of Rs 7.49 crore. At the same time, 0.70 crore will be spent for shifting the barrier transformer and line in the widening of the road from Jhulelal Dwar to KK Hospital.

Lights will be installed in the stadium for cricketers – bareilly Development Authority Plan

Construction work of pavilion shed will be done in Sports Stadium. About 0.30 crore is to be spent on this. After which arrangements will also be made for the seating of spectators in the Sports Stadium. Rs 3.29 crore will be spent for this. Not only this, mats and floodlights will also be installed for the candidates practicing cricket in the stadium. For which BDA has fixed a budget of Rs 0.30 crore.

These works of Infrastructure Development Fund will also be done.

BDA VC said that apart from these works, all the works are to be done under the Infrastructure Development Fund scheme. In which the work of widening and strengthening of the road leading to Paharganj from Pilibhit bypass to Nakatiya river will be done with an investment of Rs 5:55 crore. 1.79 crore will be done on the outer surface of the buildings constructed under Kanshi Ram Shahari Garib Awas Yojana in Sector-4 of Ramganganagar Yojna.

Construction of RCC drain on the left side of the road from Bada Bypass Road to Urban Vatika on Bareilly Nainital Road from 1.79 crores, construction of RCC drain on the left side of the road from Dohna Toll Plaza to Bada Bypass with 2.13 crores, idol nursing from Dharmakata Tirahe from 0.60 crores The work of installing street lights will be done on the dividers constructed from Home Tak and Jhoola Lal Dwar to KK Hospital Road.

Construction work of road and drain leading to Uncha village in front of Parag Dairy Kargaina from 4.23 crore, street light in road divider from Ramjanki temple to Swayamvar procession from 0.60 crore, 0.61 crore from Munshi Pal’s house in Tulasherpur to Shanidev Than All other works are to be done including the construction of 6.00 meter CC road, drain and about 3.00 meter wide CC road till Ram Rahim’s house.

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Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna is Spread Over 650 Acres of Land . Located on Dohra Road , just 1 km from Pilibhit road . Ramganga Pariyojna is Promoted by BDA Bareilly . Divided into 12 Sectors . Ramganga Yojna Offers BDA Approved Residential Plots , Villas and Apartments . Commercial Property also for Sale in Ramganga Pariyojna . Greater Bareilly Awasiya Yojna of plots Started .1. Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1 of Ramganga Pariyojna Bareilly 2. Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1 3. Ganga Enclave Bareilly 4. Narmada Enclave Bareilly 5. Kaveri Enclave Bareilly 6. Sector 3 Ramganga Pariyojna ( Non Gated ) 7. Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 8. Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 9. Sector 5 of Ramganga nagar bareilly 10. Sector 6 of Ramganga bareilly 11. Sector 7 of Bareilly Ramganga 12. Sector 8 , Shipra Enclave 13. Sector 9 Shivam Enclave 14 Sector 9 part 2 Satyam Enclave 15. Sector 10 Saryu Enclave Bareilly 16. Sector 11 , Panchwati Enclave bareilly 17. Sector 12 , Indraprastha Enclave bareilly8.