Night view of Ramganga nagar Yojana Bareilly

After the year 2004, now BDA has started the process of expansion of Ramganga Nagar housing scheme. Bareilly Development Authority will expand the housing scheme on 745 hectares of land. For this, the BDA has made preparations to acquire the land of 12 villages. Bareilly Development Authority Plots 2021 helping people in building their homes.

The ambitious Ramganga Nagar housing scheme of Bareilly Development Authority is spread over 269 hectares. BDA had bought this land in the year 2004. BDA is developing this land. Along with this, now BDA has also marked the land of about 12 nearby villages for the expansion of the scheme.

BDA will acquire about 745.5 hectares of land there. For this, BDA has surveyed all the villages. All the reports have been prepared. After completing all the formalities, the BDA has demanded the district administration to get the land acquired. BDA has given two options to the farmers.

  • First, according to the guidelines of the government, he can take four times the circle rate of the land.
  • Second, under the land pooling scheme, he can partner with the BDA of his own free will. In this, BDA will develop their land and will give about 25 percent of the land to the farmers. Farmers are collecting information from BDA for these options. The land of these villages will be acquired

BDA has identified about 12 villages for the expansion of the scheme.

  • चंदपुर बिचपुरी
  • डोहरिया
  • अब्दुलापुर माफी
  • कलारी
  • लालपुर
  • इटौआ बेनीराम
  • मोहनपुर उर्फ रामनगर
  • अहरौला
  • बालीपुर अहमद
  • नवदिया झादा
  • कचौली गांव 

According to Bareilly Development Authority VC , Mr. Joginder Singh , For the expansion of Ramganga Nagar housing scheme, land of about a dozen villages has been marked. The BDA will take about 745 hectares on which the scheme will be expanded. Its process has started.

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Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojna is Spread Over 650 Acres of Land . Located on Dohra Road , just 1 km from Pilibhit road . Ramganga Pariyojna is Promoted by BDA Bareilly . Divided into 12 Sectors . Ramganga Yojna Offers BDA Approved Residential Plots , Villas and Apartments . Commercial Property also for Sale in Ramganga Pariyojna .1. Sabarmati Enclave in Sector 1 of Ramganga Pariyojna Bareilly 2. Brahmputra Enclave in Sector 1 3. Ganga Enclave Bareilly 4. Narmada Enclave Bareilly 5. Kaveri Enclave Bareilly 6. Sector 3 Ramganga Pariyojna ( Non Gated ) 7. Alakhnanda Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 8. Saraswati Enclave in Sector 4 of Ramganga Bareilly 9. Sector 5 of Ramganga nagar bareilly 10. Sector 6 of Ramganga bareilly 11. Sector 7 of Bareilly Ramganga 12. Sector 8 , Shipra Enclave 13. Sector 9 Shivam Enclave 14 Sector 9 part 2 Satyam Enclave 15. Sector 10 Saryu Enclave Bareilly 16. Sector 11 , Panchwati Enclave bareilly 17. Sector 12 , Indraprastha Enclave bareilly8.